Among the tools used to design future sites, 4D building information modeling (BIM) offers numerous benefits for scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) and project owners.

A smart digital model

Replacing separate 3D models, phasing plans and schedules, 4D BIM provides a single tool for viewing project progress in real time. With 4D BIM, setec opency links each object in the 3D model for a step-by-step understanding of the construction process.

A communications and management tool

For setec opency, 4D BIM provides a way to define the most relevant scheduling and planning processes at the earliest stages of a project. The tool produces a sharper picture of site organization constraints to minimize conflicting tasks in the construction phase.

For clients, 4D BIM offers a clear picture of the finished project, along with a better grasp of its technical and spatial limitations.

Promoting the use of 4D BIM on construction sites

Used by setec opency at the design and bid phase, 4D BIM serves as an interactive database for each of the teams working on site, centralizing all the relevant project data (technical specifications, maintenance reports, etc.) This use of 4D BIM enables project owners to monitor the state of their buildings throughout their lifecycle.

A 4D BIM allows us to anticipate potential conflicts between the different construction phases as well as the different work interfaces. It’s an invaluable tool and we’d like to use it more to pass on the benefits to clients. A
Jean-Louis Martins, computer-aided design technician