Interconnected, responsive, precise and above all collaborative: the construction sites of the future are already here, thanks to technology monitoring and the use of emerging new tools.

Using mobile tools for construction sites

Given the increasingly tight deadlines on construction sites, mobile tools offer major benefits for scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC). With tablet apps facilitating reporting, and digital asset management platforms providing stakeholders with access to site documents, new technology offers considerable time savings. setec opency now uses mobile tools on all its sites for more responsive project management and more precise reporting. By investing in devices, apps and training for its employees, setec opency brings all the benefits of digital technology to its projects.

Detecting high-value innovation

As the technology proliferates, companies will streamline their use of mobile tools, equipping employees’ tablet computers with pre-selected interconnected apps. setec opency is continually testing the tools available on its sites to identify the most valuable solutions to implement in house.

Driving transformation in SCMC

In addition to mobile tools, innovation promises to transform the SCMC business in the future. Technologies such as on-site drones, 4D building information modeling (BIM) and augmented reality helmets are already in use and numerous others are sure to follow. As part of its 2017-2021 strategic plan, setec opency is exploring opportunities to innovate and play an active role in this transformation.