setec opency has a proven track record in scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC), providing solutions for major tramway, underground system and rail infrastructure projects.

From tramways to the Grand Paris Express

Given the boom in tramway developments in the 2000s, setec opency set up a dedicated department for infrastructure and transport assignments in 2008. Starting with projects to extend or create tramway lines in the Paris region (lines T2 and T7), setec opency has since extended its scope to inter-site SCMC assignments, managing the interfaces between promoters. For the Grand Paris Express rapid-transit network, setec opency is managing six SCMC assignments involving rail and transport infrastructure.

Une typologie d’expertises variées

SCMC infrastructure and transport assignments are enormous projects. Building on its experience in SCMC for construction and major projects, setec opency serves as a facilitator, skillfully managing the site interfaces between contractors, deadlines and scheduling
Damien Bloc, Director of the Infrastructure and Transportation Department

Selected clients

Examples of setec opency’s current assignments:

  • Infrastructure design and engineering for the third section (Villejuif-Louis Aragon – Pont de Sèvres) and extension of Line 14 South (Olympiades – Orly) of the Grand Paris Express system, working within a consortium with setec tpi-Ingérop and setec tpi-Systra
  • The extension of Line 14 North for RATP
  • Systems for Line 15 South, within the setec ITS-Egis Rail consortium

Focus project

Construction d'un atelier de maintenance et de remisage des rames Tram Train Express 13


1. At a glance

Construction d’un atelier de maintenance  de Tram Train Express 13 (ex TGO) à Versailles comprenant : Phase travaux préparatoires (démolitions, amiante; déposes anciennes voies et pyro) Aires de remisages more

2. Our roles

setec opency provided general scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) services for the construction of the Tram Train 13 Express storage and maintenance site, as a co-contractor with setec ferroviaire on a general assignment for SNCF Mobilités: