Through its quality-based management approach, ISO 9001 certification and OPQIBI qualifications, setec opency guarantees clients a high level of service and continual operational improvements.

Quality-based management (QDM)

With QDM, setec opency has defined standard processes for its activities at every level: management, human resources, business development, services, business management and pro-rata account management.
This approach guarantees consistent high quality in our methodologies and deliverables. For clients, it is a mark of trust, stability and tailored services, while for setec opency, QDM is a way to drive forward our practices while passing on expertise to each new generation of employees.


Opency setec has received ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 9001-2015 quality certification.


afnor qualification

OPQIBI professional certification

setec opency has all the relevant professional qualifications for the scheduling, construction and management and coordination (SCMC) business. Awarded by OPQIBI, an independent French body in charge of engineering certification, these qualifications attest to setec opency’s ability to manage all kinds of SCMC assignments, from the most common to the most complex, and throughout the lifespan of a project, from preliminary design to delivery. Based on recent client references and an audit of the company’s performance in sustainability and resources, these certifications require regular renewal.

setec opency has the following OPQIBI qualifications:

  • 0301: Planning – Coordination (SCMC) for Common Implementation
  • 0302: Planning – Coordination (SCMC) for Complex Implementation
  • 0303: Planning – Coordination of surveys
  • 0304: Overall Planning – Coordination